GreeneStep Interactive Forecasting Technology

A collaborative business intelligence and analytics solution with decision support system powered by predictive and forecasting techniques for real time decisions.


3-step process from uploading excel data to viewing analytics insights.

Use built-in industry standard analytics templates and adopt new KPIs.

Capture real-time insights and stay aligned with action and decisions.

Consult our BI subject-matter experts to tailor KPIs and get analytics services.

Our Vision

Empower decision makers with strategic and operational insights through GreeneStep’s GIFT business analytics solutions by processing data from multiple sources.

About GIFT

GreeneStep Interactive Forecasting Tech (GIFT) will help transform and enable holistic decision making with data processed from multiple sources.

GreeneStep AI-driven BI Analytics solution is for business owners, C-Suite executives, business managers and stakeholders to drive decisions based on real time data streams processed and analyzed by GIFT.

This will have built-in standard industry analytics template related to customer journey, marketing, supply chain operations, people performance and financial analytics that are AI/ ML driven to help different stakeholders to make decisions as suggested by GIFT.

Additionally, this solution can be customized for providing advanced predictive analytics and insights  for business planning, process modeling/impact and risk assessment – all this made possible with data processed from multiple sources, transformation and applying various statistical and ML algorithms.

Built-in Industry Standard Analytics Templates and Latest Concepts

Big Data Analytics – Collaborative and Insightful Dashboards

Predictive and Forecasting Analytics with Statistical Models

Simulation with Operations Research and Machine Language for Advanced Analytics

Customer Journey with 360 Analytics and Collaboration

Analytics for Industry 4.0 Manufacturing – Midsize to Large Companies

Analytics for Distribution and Logistics – Midsize to Large Companies

Analytics for High Tech IIOT Services – Midsize to Large Companies

Built-in Standard Templates

  • Customer Analytics
  • Sales Performance Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Operations and Supply Chain Analytics
  • IOT Assets and Device Analytics
  • Project Analytics
  • Supplier Analytics
  • Process Analytics
  • Finance Analytics
  • People Analytics
  • Maintenance Analytics
  • Customer Support Analytics

Our Services

Analytics Roadmap Consulting

Define data-driven vision, identify key analytics for performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to track, and prioritize analytics projects based on their impact on business objectives.

Data Governance and Integration

Multiple data sources identification, data cleansing, transformation and pre-processing, templatizing, development and implementation of data security measures.

GIFT Analytics Implementation

Assists in onboarding based on your agreed needs, data integration, custom dashboard, visualization development for key metrics, and user training on solution usage.

Analytics Usage and Competency Training 

Develop user adoption and training programs to empower employees to understand and use data effectively. This includes building a data-driven culture within the organization through communication and leadership buy-in.

Advanced Analytics Integration

Custom development advanced analytics, consolidation dashboards, IOT data feeds, notifications/alerts, implementation of forecasting and predictive models, simulation and machine language algorithms.

Industry Domain Expertise Transfer

Scale or adapt to best industry practices, technology innovations, and evolving business needs and data volume as the industry or the company grows.

Get started in minutes with state of the art analytics templates

We provide industry standard state of the art analytics templates for bridging the domain knowledge gap, increase the competencies of decision makers with AI assisted insights, interpretations and to review possible actions and decisions to make.

“Data is the soul of business transformation.” – Anand Mahindra

“In God we trust, all others must bring data.” – W. Edwards Deming

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker

“In the world of data, analytics is the engine that turns insight into action.”– Bill Franks