About GIFT Product and Features

Access analytics anywhere anytime

GIFT portal has been designed with the latest authentication and encryption technologies linking it to your company domain security policies.

Collaborate and act on Analytics Insights

Align team in Insights and action plans with the real time analytics data. Access to your analytics dashboard from data to insights within three clicks

Customer Journey and 360 degree Analytics

Get a unified view of your customer data from multiple sources or datasets owned by different departments in a single platform to get a holistic view. 

In this hyper connected world where acknowledging a request from customer and/or proactively communicating to customers about anything that impact them, tracking interactions as a leading indicator is important.

Industry specific built in analytics templates

Get in built analytics templates like Customer Analytics, Sales Performance, Marketing Analytics, Operations/Supply Chain Analytics, IOT Assets/Device Analytics, Project Analytics, Supplier Analytics and Finance Analytics

Customizable to design advanced analytics

You can tailor the software to your specific needs