Custom Tailored Services

Analytics Roadmap Consulting

Define data-driven vision, identify key analytics for performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to track, and prioritize analytics projects based on their impact on business objectives..

Data Governance and Integration

Multiple data sources identification, data cleansing, transformation and pre-processing, templatizing, development and implementation of data security measures.

GIFT Analytics Implementation

Assists in onboarding based on your agreed needs, data integration, custom dashboard, visualization development for key metrics, and user training on solution usage.

Analytics Usage and Competency Training 

Develop user adoption and training programs to empower employees to understand and use data effectively. This includes building a data-driven culture within the organization through communication and leadership buy-in.

Advanced Analytics Integration

Custom development advanced analytics, consolidation dashboards, IOT data feeds, notifications/alerts, implementation of forecasting and predictive models, simulation and machine language algorithms.

Industry Domain Expertise Transfer

Scale or adapt to best industry practices, technology innovations, and evolving business needs and data volume as the industry or the company grows.

Advanced Consulting Services

Data Management and Governance

Assisting companies in establishing robust data management processes, including data governance, data quality management, and data integration strategies to ensure data consistency, accuracy, and security of data assets.

Advanced Analytics and Predictive Modeling

Providing expertise in advanced analytics techniques such as predictive modeling, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data mining to uncover insights, predict future trends, and optimize decision-making across various business functions

Business Insights, Intelligence and Reporting

Designing and implementing business intelligence solutions that enable companies to visualize and analyze data effectively through dashboards, reports, and interactive data visualization tools.

Change Management and Organizational Adoption

Supporting companies in managing organizational change associated with adopting analytics initiatives, including training, communication, and stakeholder engagement to ensure successful adoption and integration of analytics into their business processes.